Engineer’s Notebook Quad Rule 4 x 4 Graph

Engineer's Notebook Quad Rule 4 x 4 Graph Paper

Also known as quadrille paper, co-ordinate paper, grid paper, squared paper or math paper

Quad Rule graph paper, also known as 4 x 4 graph paper, has four squares per inch, so each square measures .25” x .25”

It is frequently used for math or science for younger children (teens and college age may use 5 x 5).

Graph paper has many uses. Here are some possible ones: Design projects, mapping for board/video/role play games, designing floor plans, tiling or yard landscaping, playing pen and pencil games, planning embroidery, cross stitch or knitting.

Some occupational therapists use squared paper for writing practice. Artists may use grids to copy pictures. Programmers, engineers and scientists may prefer graph paper for notes that involve formulas.

Pages: 200
Size: 7.44 in x 9.69 in

Price: $8.99

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