365 Self-Discovery Journaling Prompts

365 Self-Discovery Journaling Prompts

Your daily guide to soul-searching self-discovery prompts - one per day for a complete year

Contained within this book you will find 365 soul-searching self-discovery prompts, placed two to a page with space underneath each one for your answer.

You need to answer each question truthfully so that you can learn from yourself. This book is for your eyes only, so don’t be afraid to search your innermost feelings before you write your answer.

There is no set or recommended order to the questions. You could start at number one and work your way steadily through the book, or you could open it at random and answer the first question you come across. The choice is yours.

Whichever way you go you have enough questions contained in the book to last you a full year, answering one question each day.

Size: 8.5 in x 11 in

Price: $8.99
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