Getting To Know Myself

Getting To Know Myself

A Journal for Self-Exploration

Do you know yourself? REALLY know yourself? You will when you use this journal to record your innermost thoughts and feelings. Take yourself on a voyage of discovery and you could be surprised at the answers you come up with.

When answering the prompts on each page, you need to be totally honest with yourself. No-one else will be reading this journal apart from yourself, so there is no reason to hold back on your thoughts and your feelings. Just let her rip!

One or two-word answers are just not acceptable! Detail is essential to truly examine your beliefs and your true feelings. Why have you answered as you have? Are you happy with your answer? How can you improve your thoughts and actions to make yourself a better person?

This book contains 120 pages with prompts at the head of each page. These are followed by a further 20 blank pages. Use these to note your thoughts and observations that aren’t prompted in the main section.

Pages: 124
Size: 6 in x 9 in

Price: $7.49
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